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You will not accumulate seniority nor be eligible for benefits.Upon satisfactory completion of the Orientation and Training Period, you are: New employees will receive one written evaluation of their job performance during the first 90 days of employment.Staff that are employed for less than 90 calendar days (the Orientation and Training Period).The orientation period may be extended for another 90 days at the discretion of the doctor.By establishing this policy for all reference requests, we ensure that any and all information we release is accurate, authorized and representative of the practice’s position.Precautionary measures are sometimes taken to ensure adequate protection of property, personnel, assets, etc.This example policy is intended to be a guideline only and has been provided for general advice and education only.It may or may not conform to all laws (federal, state, and local), rules, and regulations.

So, all of us need to stay aware of current policy, and as revisions are made, new pages will be given to the staff to place in their manuals. Just notify the office manager whenever problems are encountered, and wherever you think improvements can be made.An Orientation and Training Program is conducted for all new employees.We’ll introduce you to our office policies and help you adjust to our practice.Before and after adjusting this, you should seek the counsel of a qualified attorney licensed within the proper jurisdiction to ensure compliance with all pertaining laws. Changes happen as a result of internal growth, legal requirements, competitive forces or general economic conditions that affect our profession.To meet these challenges, the practice reserves the rights, with or without notice, to change, add to or delete any of the policies, terms, conditions and language presented in this manual.Therefore, unless otherwise defined in writing, such relationship shall be defined as “employment at will,” where either party is free at any time to dissolve the relationship.

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