Sanguine and phlegmatic dating

Discovering who you are and what strengths you bring into your marriage is a fantastic starting point.

Uncovering our weaknesses can also give us a greater appreciation for what our spouse can fill in our gaps!

Cons: Carefree isn’t really in this couple’s vocabulary, and the need for a perfect home, family, relationship, etc., can be stressful.

Cons: This couple may not know how to relax or enjoy the more laid-back aspects of life. They have a very peaceful, relaxing space to call home and are comfortable inviting others into their calming presence.It’s an interesting dynamic to share a square, and there are definite pros and cons to each pairing.Here are some brief descriptions of how “shared squares” play out in marriages: gifting to make the home run efficiently.Be proactive, truly seek to understand your spouse, and work together to come up with a plan.These opposite energy marriages can THRIVE, as long as you know where there is potential for conflict and beat it to the punch! As I said before, I am Melancholy/Choleric — with one introverted side and one extroverted side to my Personality mix.The couple needs a plan to make up for the lack of Melancholy tendencies in the pairing.

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