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More so, Axl Rose attended Jefferson High School where he joined the music group and he also studied piano.Following his undeniable passion for music, he worked extra hard to develop himself and also sang in different voices at the time.Rose, on the other hand, disappeared from the public and started living a secluded life in his mansion located in Malibu.Being the last standing member of the band, Rose legally adopted the band name and started gathering new members that will fill in for the members that had left.Since 2016, Axl Rose joined AC/DC rock group where he replaced the lead singer named Brian Johnson who left as a result of hearing loss.Until today, he has been active in the group and has been touring the world with them.

His active contributions, creativity and exceptional music style have kept the band group under the spotlight for a very long time now.In 2012, the lineup of the original band members was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, though Axl did not attend.He cited in a letter that his absence was as a result of the rift he has with his bandmates who would also attend the ceremony.A year later, Axl Rose and his group continued with an outstanding performance in their two and half year tour in Rock Rio 4 which ended in 2014.The group earned more than four million dollars from the music tour.He’s of mixed ethnic descent and the first child of his parents who separated when he was two years old; he has two other siblings a brother and a sister.

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