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Many libraries in Utah have an area dedicated to local collections and manuscripts.

See also Utah Public Library Directory, which provides links to library web pages, addresses, phone numbers, hours, and maps.

(*Women were not naturalized until 1922 in the United States.) Obituaries may mention birth, marriage, spouse, parents, and living family members.

See Utah Obituaries for state level compendiums and United States Obituaries for tips and insights regarding this record type.

In 1905, the State Department of Health assumed responsibility and required the counties to forward copies of the records to them.

Resources for Rich County, Utah Genealogy are available in repositories (such as libraries and archives) at all levels: the town, the county, the state (including universities), and the nation.

Links to Internet sites usually go directly to Rich County, Utah Genealogy entries with names, images, or information.

The term "Bible records" refers to the practice of keeping family dates and events in a family Bible.

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Also try National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections (online).

This was a common practice in many European countries and carried over to America.

Many of these family Bible records are still in existence and preserved by the descendants of the immigrants.

Most include the names of members, often with ages and birth places.

Several give birth, christening, or blessing dates for infants.

They often have other clues for further research, such as witnesses or the other parties who may be relatives or in-laws. Declarations of Intent before 1906 often include the nation of origin, his* foreign and "Americanized" names, residence, and date of arrival.

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