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Smartt worked as a chef at the Backdoor Bar, but it was his night off.

On the way to the bar, the group stopped in on Sue Sharp and asked her if she wanted to join them for drinks.

The investigation pointed to rape as the motivation behind kidnapping Tina instead of murdering her in the home with the others.

While the brutal attacks inside Cabin 28 were going on, Sue's sons Ricky and Greg and their friend Justin Eason were sleeping undisturbed in the boys' bedroom.

Also found was a hammer and a pellet gun and a pellet on the living room floor which led investigators to believe that the pellet gun was also used in the attacks.

Each victim had been bound with several feet of medical tape and electrical appliance wires removed from appliances in the home and extension cords.

It wasn't until hours later that everyone realized that the 12-year-old daughter of the murdered woman was gone.

When the first police officers arrived at the scene, Justin Eason tried to tell them that Tina was missing, but they ignored what the boy was saying.Sue told them no, so they left and went to the bar.At the bar, Smartts complained angrily to the manager about the music that was playing.The boys were found unharmed in the room the following morning after the murders.A woman and her boyfriend, who were in the cabin next door to the Sharp's cabin, woke up at around a.m. The sound was so disturbing that the couple got up and looked around.The following morning Sheila Sharp returned home at around a.m.

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