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Atlanta was founded in , a century after Savannah , the state's oldest city.

History The three dominant forces affecting Atlanta's history and development have been transportation, race relations, and the "Atlanta spirit.

Gatherings of slaves and free blacks, for example, required a special sanction by the mayor, both groups had to observe strict curfews, and free persons of color could not live within the city limits without written permission of the city council.

Public buildings, selected commercial enterprises, industries including the Winship Foundry and the Atlanta Gas Light Company , which were operated by Union sympathizers , military installations, and blacksmith shops were also targeted.Enslaved African Americans and free persons of color were part of this population, although in smaller numbers than in the older, larger port cities of the South.The activities and freedoms of both groups of African Americans, however, were strictly controlled by laws and customs.Atlanta Skyline Georgia, the state's largest city, and the seat of Fulton County. It is also one of the most important commercial, financial, and transportation centers of the southeastern United States.Located in the northern portion of the state, Atlanta enjoys a high mean elevation—1, feet m above sea level—which distinguishes it from most other southern and eastern cities and contributes to a more temperate climate than is found in areas farther south.These industries and the employment opportunities associated with them swelled Atlanta's population from 9, people in to some 22, four years later.

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