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As a December Pew Research study noted, “Roughly half (51%) of evangelical Protestants in the Millennial generation (born between 19) say homosexuality should be accepted by society.” “The same-sex couples at Christian colleges don’t tend to think of themselves as practicing ‘alternative’ lifestyles,” she said.

“They think of themselves as card-carrying, church-going, doctrinally-formed evangelical Christians.

Dire warnings about date rape together with the specter of AIDS have cast a grim shadow over sexual relations on campuses in the 1990s.

Colleges are getting tougher with male students who press unwanted sex on women.

A few have fully opened their communities to LGBT students and faculty, lifting all restrictions against same-sex dating or same-sex marriage.

This fall, two conservative Christian colleges, Eastern Mennonite University and Goshen College, added sexual orientation to their nondiscrimination policies.

Some of these same schools are now attempting to separate sexual identity from sexual behavior in their policies and campus customs.

However awkwardly, they’re trying to welcome gay students while preserving rules against same-sex “behavior.”Depending on the theological and political climate of the school, colleges have different ways of dealing with this new reality.

But now that gay marriage is legalized, and as the country undergoes broad cultural shifts, that’s changing.

“As a bisexual woman in the Baylor community, I am very much in the closet to everybody that I am not good friends with here, just to minimize backlash,” said a Baylor student named Ariel, who requested that her last name not be used.

And at many colleges, students can still be kicked out for being in a gay relationship.

For example, at College of the Ozarks, ranked by U. At Messiah, situations are addressed “on a case-by-case manner that respects the dignity, privacy, and welfare of the person, in conjunction with the Christian identity and commitments of the college,” said Carla E. “This process is consistent for all behavioral standards and expectations established by the College—not just sexual behavior.”Gross noted that, as a Christian college, “Messiah’s institutional approach on human sexuality is based on the authority of scripture as we understand it and is rooted in the traditional teaching long held by the Christian Church—including Messiah’s founding denomination, the Brethren in Christ.” She emphasized that the school’s community standards are related to same-sex behavior, not orientation. Administrators “maintain that their policies are against behavior, not orientation, but they restrict forms of behavior to the point that there is no way to truly express orientation,” said Dan Heiland, a bisexual student at Messiah.

“The joke among my friends is that you can be gay at Messiah, just so long as you don’t act gay, or say gay things, or do anything to show you’re gay.”The question of whether an LGBT Christian must remain celibate has led to an intense debate over the interpretation of scripture.

Rape-prevention educators argue that the heightened awareness of rape will help place sexual relations between men and women on an equal footing, reducing sexual exploitation by men.

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