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If your reader is having a persistent problem, helping them solve it is always going to be interesting. If your kitchen sink is blocked, you’ll have a sudden interest in plumbing.Your employees working in services, support and sales are in regular contact with your customers. You’ll see a list of questions related to your niche concerning problems people are facing.The challenge is to find interesting topics to write about. Now if you’re in a “sexy” industry like travel, food or fashion, you’re going to have loads of interesting business topics to write about. Technology writer Farhad Manjoo commissioned a study by Chartbeat that revealed that most readers stop reading after getting 60% of the way through a typical blog post.They simply weren’t sufficiently interested to keep reading till the end. Topics which are all about your company are not likely to be interesting to your average reader.

The key to coming up with interesting blog topics is this: always address the needs of your readers.The article generated hundreds of links and propelled Life Insure to the 3rd spot in Google’s search results for the keyword “life insurance”.People are learning to filter out obvious marketing messages. If you can craft a story that relates to your brand you can increase your readers’ emotional involvement with your company and increase customer engagement.Ask them to document any problems that your customers are regularly experiencing. Any of these problems can provide a great starting point for a blog topic.If you can suggest a solution that’s helpful to your reader, you’ll open the door to establishing a business relationship.It’s important that your stories are full of personality and you have characters that your audience will root for. He cites the hit movie “Top Gun” as a great example.

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