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These modern-day hybrids would have the hair, tusks, blood and other characteristic features of a mammoth, though much of the genome would be the elephant's.that was discovered in 1997 on the Siberian Taymyr Peninsula, by a nine-year-old boy.This particular mammoth is estimated to have lived about 20,000 years ago.

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The carcass, which oozed fresh blood when it was first dislodged from the permafrost, is perhaps the best hope of cloning a mammoth yet.Despite its amazing preservation, finding enough intact DNA to completely recreate the genome of the mammoth is an incredibly difficult task, and so far, a complete genome has proved elusive.(Photo credit: Renegade Pictures) While the entire team hopes to find enough DNA to clone a mammoth from scratch, that could be tricky.Bone marrow and Pleistocene plant samples have been removed and sent to various laboratories for analysis as the mammoth thaws.As of 2001, the intactness of the mammoth is unknown.(Photo credit: Renegade Pictures) If an entire, intact mammoth genome can't be found from tissue in Buttercup's carcass, Church is investigating other ways to recreate the extinct behemoths.

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