Singapore government dating website

This conservative and shy culture has impeded the dating scene in Singapore.

Not to mention that given the hectic schedules of most of Singapore’s residents, work comes first and dating is way below in the typical Singaporean’s priority list.

The stated goal is to tap "an informal network of interested individuals to engender a pro-marriage culture and help bring singles together."Doesn't that sound romantic?!

They aspire to produce a TV ad that can get the Singapore singles to interact.Because of this decline in dating, marriage and child birth, the population of Singapore has stagnated.And to offset this, the government highly encouraged foreign immigrants into coming to Singapore.The intervention is the Singapore government’s way of dealing with Singapore’s declining birth rate and marriage rate.Over the years, young people in Singapore are more reluctant to get married.In this case, central control is stepping in, preparing to sprinkle a little officially sanctioned love dust.

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