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He pointed out that it is wrong to paint all drug offenders with the same brush.

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What is unprecedented is the high speed and wide reach of todays fake news. Jul 20 (DM) The dollar has reached its highest in the history of Sri Lanka against the rupee.

Jul 20 (DM) Minister Mangala Samaraweera has stated that he is against the death penalty.

In his opinion, the death penalty, even if implemented, will not stop drug barons.

As a result of this, the tax hikes are also common.

Usually the temporary political remedy and peoples desires are to have a rapid wage increase to match more..

Jul 20 (SO) As the rains have now replenished the once drought-stricken Rajanganaya reservoir, its water quality has however become compromised by an unidentified algae-like growth, turning the valuable water resource a bright green, and a horrid stench wafts through the area causing great discomfort to villagers.

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