Speed dating for rabbits intimidating people at the gym


You’d be surprised at what odd couples have been fallen for each other! It is important to review the following items to ensure that you and your rabbit are prepared for your bunny date.

Bunnies need to be spayed or neutered before they interact in a WHS bunny date.

The goal here is that they are both so tired when you do the date they will relax and will not be interested in fighting.While you may play with your rabbit, you can never replace a real rabbit buddy." The "forgotten animals" as the welfare shelter calls them, must all get a new home. They will lick it off and the other bunny will think they are grooming them. If you don’t want to switch enclosures, you can switch out litter boxes, toys, food and water bowls, and hidey boxes. Give both bunnies separate time out to run around before doing a date. This will get them use to each others’ smells and also help them to understand that a certain enclosures is not “theirs”.It is important that the experience is a positive one for both bunnies.

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