Steam game updating


(Current soloution is to keep the update interval to a max of 10-15mins so if your server crashes it is not offline for long) set interval=60 (1 minute) Certain Appid's for installation of game server will be different to the update id due to Steam's DEV API not containing the latest avaliable server version (yet!? key=YOURKEYHERE&appid=740&format=json #How to use : Choose either or The file uses VBScript and is dependant on CURL and Windows Powershell.

Both will automaticly download and install game servers upon running either script.

Once released, the demo can show up as new in the demo section.

Clicking on the demo capsule in the store will take users to the main game's store page where there's a demo button on the side.

Once completed, you can mark your demo page and build as ready for review.

Should work with both Normal versions of Windows and Server versions.Install CS: GO server appid = 740 set appid=740 Auto Update URL appid = 730 set update_appid=730 You will know if you have to set a different appid for the update url if the contents of your show this.To get the correct Auto Updater APPID just go to the store page for the game in question and it will be at the end of the URL link.You may also use this to freshly and easly install game servers too.Inside my script i have written a little a detail on each function and what it is executing and the result.#Requirements : You need to have a Steam DEV API key you can obtain one from the following link : Certain servers for specific games require you to use a login on Steam CMD so specify your login in the script. I told you in the file not to touch anything beyond that point.

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