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They are the sworn enemy of the Ballas, an intense and ongoing rivalry as part of the Ballas-Grove Street War.

The Families also maintain rivalries with the two Mexican gangs in Los Santos - the Los Santos Vagos and the Varrios Los Aztecas.

If the player sprays over all tags in Los Santos, they will wield Desert Eagle, MP5, and knifes instead.

They can occasionally be seen smoking marijuana and drinking malt liquor while talking and hanging around in groups.

They also have three different skins that will walk and drive around their territories.

Initially, in the beginning of the game, Grove Street members are mostly unarmed, with some carrying pistols or TEC-9s.

History before this time period (late 80's) is unknown, and much of what happened to the Families during the late 80's is also unknown.

However, what is known is that the Families are one of the oldest gangs in Los Santos - this possibly means that they are older than the Ballas (who formed during the 1970s) - giving the possibility that the Families evolved from the 1960s or even possibly earlier.

Most of their territory can be found in the poorer/run-down neighborhoods in the far east of the city, though they also have small pockets of territory elsewhere - including the rich area of Temple and the popular tourist destination of Santa Maria Beach.

GSF members drive the Greenwood, Voodoo and Savanna.

Their favourite radio station is the Radio Los Santos.

The start and reason of their rivalry with the Los Santos Mexican gangs is unknown, though their rivalry with the Vagos has most likely developed due to their expansion and growth around their territory along with their heavy crack-cocaine influence.

Despite being divided into different sets, the Families were much more united before the early 1990s.

The Grove Street Families (a.k.a "Families" or "GSF", "The Grove", or "Groves") is a gang featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

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