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The discovery of a critical password exploit in November led to a botched update that not only failed to provide a permanent fix to the issue but also broke file-sharing for many users.Alongside a fix to the password bug, where users who typed 'root' into a user login prompt without a password gained access to the device, the update also adds a number of improvements to the mail app, including the removal of a number of S/MIME encryption bugs, and some fixes to the Intel graphics driver, which was causing unexpected crashes for some users."From the Apple menu, choose About This Mac, then click the System Report button.From the system report, scroll down to Software, then select Applications.Apple has already completed its 64-bit transition in i OS, with similar messages displayed to i Phone and i Pad users before i OS 11 was launched.04/01/2018: Despite the recent news that a serious design flaw reportedly present in all Intel’s CPUs made in the last 10 years could leave devices running such chips vulnerable to hackers, Apple has reportedly already ironed out the issue in the latest release of mac OS.It added that at its last WWDC in 2017, developers were warned that mac OS High Sierra "would be the last version of mac OS to run 32-bit apps without compromise"."Starting with mac OS High Sierra 10.13.4, apps that have not been updated to use 64-bit processes produce a one-time alert when opened.

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Apple said that users can check for 64-bit compatibility through the system report feature.04/12/2017: Apple's password bug returns on High Sierra update Apple's patch to address a serious password bug on mac OS High Sierra may not have fixed the original problem, with the flaw reappearing for some users.The tech giant intended to plug a hole in High Sierra version 10.13 that would allow anyone with physical access, or remote access through a software client, to bypass security screens and grant themselves admin privileges, simply by typinig in "root" as their username and leaving the password field blank.Apple issued the patch almost immediately last week, but once updated, users began to notice they could no longer authorise their connections to their file-sharing client, which is used by both personal and business users.Unfortunately, it now appears that the order in which users apply the patches may cause the original password exploit to return, according to that the "root" bug resurfaces when they install the newest OS system.This gives users advance notice that they are running 32-bit software, which will not be compatible with mac OS in the future," said the support document.

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