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Every morning at AM sharp she comes into my room with a cup of coffee and wakes me up for school. It got late, my girlfriend left, and I fell asleep. As usual I jacked off in the shower, but this time as I did it I was thinking about how my mom's eyes had been glued to my erect cock. She hugged me back and gave my naked ass a little pat, which turned into sort of a caress. Also, although she was tanned, there were no tan lines anywhere on her body. To her, it looked as though my eyes were closed and I was listening to music as I slowly jacked my erect cock. But instead she squirted some into her hand, put the bottle down, and rubbed her hands together. She had drawn the line, but was maybe having a bit of a hard time staying on her side of it.

I smelled the scent of her sex, stronger than ever before. I was hoping that she would keep watching until I came, but was disappointed to see her suddenly walk out of the room. She was breathing in short little pants, and her nipples looked hard enough to cut glass. I watched her naked ass move as she walked out, then watched her tits jiggle when she returned carrying a washcloth and a towel. She began to suck me off in earnest: while her head bobbed quickly up and down, her lips created a strong vacuum that intensified the feeling. Her mouth never left my cock, and I knew that she was swallowing my cum. Mom pulled her mouth away from my dick and looked at me, and I could see a little trail of my cum dribbling down from her lower lip.

Now I was standing right in front of my mom with a serious morning hard-on: all 8 inches was pointing proudly right at her. "Honey, I've seen everything there is to see on you... "Now, get up and get into the shower." She stood back from the bed and waited. Every time my heart beat, my dick would bounce up and down a little. As we watched, a little drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip and slowly dripped towards the floor, trailing a long thin line behind. She realized what she was doing, quickly removed her hand, and blushed again. "I get it, Mom." I looked down at my own hairy balls and dick. I always had a rock-hard erection when I got up, and Mom always looked (and smelled) aroused as well.

She put her hand on my stomach – dangerously close to my still rock-hard cock, I thought. I'm your mom and I love you, and nothing you do can embarrass me, Sweetie." She gave me a little hug and stood up. " "They can't see anything over the fence, Sweetie. It's good for the soul." "Maybe I will, Mom." Although she was talking to me, she was staring at my dick. I was so excited that my erection was actually pointing up at a 45 degree angle, rather than just jutting straight out in front of me. I thought I would cum right then, and a little gasp escaped my lips. " Not that I wanted to get my ball hair pulled out, but I was excited by the thought of my mom actually touching me down there. Rather than getting comfortable with the situation, I was more excited every day, waking up early and anticipating her arrival.

I live with my mom in a two bedroom apartment on the outskirts of downtown Chicago. As soon as she left, I called up my girlfriend Cindy and asked her to come over. Before I could walk to the bathroom Mom stepped towards me, put her arms around me, and gave me a big hug. "Of course, I throw something on before I make the coffee and wake you up." "Why, Mom? I thought you said there was nothing to be embarrassed about." I sipped at my coffee. I've never been the exhibitionist type, but I was starting to enjoy being naked around my mom. My first thought was, "She's cold," but then I detected the faint scent of her sex in the air. As we continued to stare at each other, my penis, which had been soft and hanging down against my legs, now began to harden. Shyly, as if she were afraid that I'd be shocked, or that I wouldn't approve of her body. You could be a model." She blushed, then did a little pirouette that let me see her gorgeous, tight little ass. I pulled the sheet down, uncovering my nude body, closed my eyes almost all the way, and slowly started rubbing the length of my erect shaft.

Mom cuts hair and does facials and waxing for a living. "Hey Mom." I roll around under the covers while she shakes my shoulders, pats my butt and kisses my neck. We smoked a little weed and drank a little beer in the backyard, and then made out for a while in my room. "C'mon, Rick, get up." She put one hand on my shoulder and the other hand on my butt, and started rocking me back and forth. " Mom stepped back as I pulled away the covers and stood up. As I hugged her back, I felt my cock pressing through her nightgown and against her leg. "Me too, Mom." She let go of me, and I grabbed the coffee cup off the nightstand and walked out the door, feeling my mom's eyes on my ass as I left. It gave me kind of a thrill that she liked looking at my dick. I gave her a hug, once again feeling my erection pressing into her. My mom watched as it slowly thickened and hardened to its full 8 inches and pointed directly up at her. "I enjoy being naked, and after our, umm, our talk yesterday morning, I decided that it was silly for me to hide my body from my own son." "Sure, Mom, of course it's OK. When she had turned all the way back around, I realized for the first time that her vulva was totally hairless – either shaved or waxed. When Mom came through the door, I heard her gasp through my headphones. I figured that she would just drip it onto my dick, or into my hand. What I understood was that although she was willing to get me off, she didn't want it going any farther than that.

Right or wrong, I accepted the open door as an invitation.

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