Turbo lister crashes when updating


On the bugged PC, Turbo Lister updates had run but C wasn’t installed during the update process – that was the clue needed to fixing Turbo Lister.

Manually downloading C and installing didn’t work, but when C was totally uninstalled and Turbo Lister updated again it finally triggered the C download.

If you’re having problems with Turbo Lister crashing it might just be C that’s causing the problems.

Try uninstalling C and then updating Turbo Lister and it could cure an unreliable installation.

I really should have listened to the emails warning of this but I thought it was to happen in October.

I use Ebay Turbo lister but on my Windows 10 pc it does not seem able to perform updates.

Help, I have 4 weeks of items to list and Turbo Lister has been turned off.

In the end as a test Turbo Lister was updated on another Vista PC and that gave a clue to the problem, during the Turbo Lister update a new version of Microsoft C was installed.Auctiva offers full WYSIWYG listing editor, templates, listing managing, re-listing and other features related to listing management process.Additionally, you get 1GB hosting space (Unlimited account) to use for product images, which is a very cool feature for newbie sellers who don’t want to invest in their own hosting account (more flexibility).AND e Bay should really spend some time on making a Turbo Lister 3 that finally works without bugs & regular freezes!Anyway, back to your original question about Turbo Lister alternatives – I have personally used 3 other solutions: My Top 3 Turbo Lister Alternatives Nr.1 – e Bay, Selling Manager PRO!On the ebay website it says it needs either Internet explorer 5 or 6 on the pc but is it still possible to download these.

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