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He represented his junior high school as a shortstop in the said sports.

Aside from being a Johnny’s idol, he is also a singer-songwriter and a TV host. After Tanaka’s departure from the group, however, Ueda took the “T” of KAT-TUN for his name “Tatsuya.” Ueda is a huge fan of boxing and he also has an interest in track and field.Nakamaru joined Johnny & Associates in the year 1998.Aside from being an idol, he is also a known commentator and host for his segment “Sunday Countdown Show Shuuichi (SUNDAY COUNTDOWN SHOW シューイチ)” on NTV channel. Nakamaru also finished a degree at Waseda University (早稲田大学).He is not an idol anymore but is now a musician and singer-songwriter.Starting his solo career outside Johnny & Associates, Akanishi released two studio albums entitled “Japonicana” and “#Just Jin,” and two mini albums called “Test Drive” and “Mi Amor.” Aside from being a musician and a singer-songwriter, he is also active as an actor.KAT-TUN grew more famous in the years 2003 to 2004.

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