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Pan-Turkic Jadidists and East Turkestan Independence activists Muhammad Amin Bughra and Masud Sabri rejected the Soviets and Sheng Shicai's imposition of the name "Uyghur people" upon the Turkic people of Xinjiang.They wanted instead the name "Turkic ethnicity" (Chinese: The names "Türk" or "Türki" in particular were demanded by Bughra as the real name for his people.

Sheng Shicai later became anti-Russian when he became aware of the Soviet's intent to control his government.

He expelled Soviet advisors and executed many Han Communists.

Joseph Stalin was very angry with his convert and dispatched troops to invade Xinjiang.

The majority of Xinjang remained under the control of the Republic of China.

After winning the Chinese civil war in 1949, the People's Liberation Army took control of Xinjiang from Republic of China forces and the Second East Turkestan Republic.

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