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New Year's Eve in Ukraine is a special holiday, much like Christmas celebrations in the United States.

People celebrate by decorating the New Year tree, giving each other gifts, sending greeting cards, having parties and watching New Year's television shows.

The meal is served in the evening, once the children of the family see the first star in the sky.

This Ukrainian Christmas custom is derived from the birth of Christ, and the star of Bethlehem and the beginning of the wise men’s journey to see the Christ child.

New Year's Eve is a family-oriented holiday, typically everyone gathers together and celebrates.Father Frost plays a role similar to that of Santa Claus, accompanied by Little Snowflake they deliver gifts.In the Ukraine the celebration of Christmas is a very important family holiday, Christmas traditions can vary significantly in different parts of the Ukraine.Brain drain in Ukraine robs the country of the most skilled professionals as they apply their knowledge abroad.Thankfully, the number of those who have serious intentions to move to other countries dropped by half as compared with 2014-2015.Each family will bring the basket to church on Easter Sunday to receive the blessing of the priest.

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