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The lack of the remote connector found on the top of many previous models means that a number of third-party accessories do not work with the i Pod Nano; newer versions using the dock connector have been made.

The first generation i Pod Nano did not support voice recording; the second and third generation Nanos function with third-party recording attachments.

The new i Pod Nano looked alot like the i Pod Mini line.

It was available in several different colors, (Silver, Green, Pink, Blue, and Black) but unlike the second generation i Pod Mini and the first generation i Pod Nano, the click wheel is gray on the i Pod Nano second generation except for the black edition.

Anyone who buys the red i Pod Nano in the United States, Apple will donate .

On November 3, 2006 Apple released the 8GB red i Pod Nano due to popular demand.

The i Pod Nano includes a stop watch and a multiple time zone clock function.

In around November 2011 announced that the i Pod Nano 1st Generation had a battery issue, where small and metallic particles were accidentally introduced in the battery, which might make it overheat or explode without overheating, this was announced due to the increment of accidents with the music player over the years.The pink model i Pod was released on January 22, 2008.On September 9, 2008 at the Lets Rock Event, Apple released the fourth generation i Pod Nano.It returned the design of the first and second generation i Pod Nano slightly and was available in many different colors.Apple claimed that battery life for music playback would last 24 hours while video playback would only last 4 hours unlike the previous generation which lasted 5 hours.This means there are no moving parts, making the i Pod Nano resistant to hard disk failure due to sudden movement.

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