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The general recommendation is: you’re fine, until you start noticing hardware compatibility issues.Here we’ll show you how to safely update your UEFI BIOS.For example, your BIOS will submit an error to your screen if the hard drive SATA connection is unplugged. The biggest innovation in the UEFI BIOS is its clickable and more accessible user interface (UI).The UEFI BIOS also allow for great added features like hardware monitoring, more convenient overclocking accessibility, overclock profiles, and easier flashing capabilities.Carefully consider which version of your BIOS you’d like to use.If you’d like to check your BIOS version, open your command prompt again and type in the following; I currently have version 1.8 installed on my PC.Once you’ve saved your files to your USB drive’s root folder, plug it into your computer and restart the PC.

To open your command prompt, press Windows key R, which brings up the Run window. Now, enter the following into your command prompt:.UEFI BIOS updates are comprised of two main files: You’ll note that you can’t open the EXE file like a regular executable file.Rather than installing it, the file must be flashed.Since you are flashing your BIOS rather than updating it, an unexpected shutdown can lead to serious consequences and may render your PC unusable.Ensure that your USB and power supply are safe before proceeding.The BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) acts as a trigger of sorts, checking for and activating your hardware.

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