Updating blackberry


But despite not containing any shiny new features – the delated software update does contain a number of irritating bugs.Black Berry has acknowledged a number of these problems in the release notes published alongside the update.A new entity called Blackberry Mobile, within the Chinese giant TCL, now designs and markets business-flavoured Black Berry-branded phones, such as the recently launched Motion.

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Should you want to monitor the downloads progress, you'll need to keep your eye on the yellow progress bar that sits just beneath the blue section with the text "Update your Priv to the latest software today..." After the download is finished, tap on Restart & Install.

Black Berry once dominated the enterprise, but the unbundling of messaging and data from the hardware, and stiff competition from handset manufacturers and Microsoft meant it was no longer had a compelling proposition.

Black Berry has finally acknowledged some of the problems that are reportedly affecting users running the company's BB10 operating system.

That 24-month period has come and gone, and sure enough, Black Berry is officially cutting off support for the phone.

It should be noted that the formerly-known Research In Motion did not even update the Priv to Nougat, as we saw confirmed back in September.

According to the iconic phone manufacturer, the new software update can cause slow or poor performance, trigger menu items to disappear or be slow to respond.

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