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now how to enable pen drive Dear Sir, I am working in a school. When I insert my pendrive i can copy data from the pendrive to hard disk.

But i can’t copy any data from hard disk to pen drive.

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NOTE: Windows may give you a warning that the drivers has not passed Windows logo testing, so stop installation or Continue anyway, Select Continue anyway to complete installation.

My 8Gb pen drive not able to store more than 1 GB and it also takes a lot of time to store the data compared other pen drives.

i) In hardware update wizard, Select the option to install the driver from a specific location and click next.

ii) Now on this screen, click browse and select the path on which you have un-zipped the drivers and press ok.

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If you don’t have the rights, see this post on getting admin rights on windows computer. Run, in run prompt type “devmgmt.msc” and press enter. If you have USB Mass storage drivers, you can install it and restart the computer, it should work.thats why im going to and click the universal serial bus controllers then rightclick to enable that but i will not get enable option. so pls tell me how to access pendrivers hi redankaiah.First open The Device manager,then click the “universal serial bus controllers” then find out which port you need to use in your college system.then “right click in a “USB ROOT HUB” now you get a properties option.click the “properties option” Now you get a “USB ROOT HUB PROPERTIES” windows .please help me I want to know is is possible and if so how to connect the pen drive directly to the mobile to use it as memory card directly and access the files directly. now i can’t able to install any software and i can’t bring any changes in my comp because i haven’t sufficient right to do, so please help me how can i will able to enable my USB port with these all restriction. Our IT administrator has recently locked the USB ports in our network, so the devices are readable ot writable, besides when I wanna change the device managers settings it alerts that the user does not have enough autority to modify the setting, I beleive we are out of access to the registry am I right? let me know if there is a way to write on the flash memories? When I try saving something to my flash drive a error message pops up that says “this is write protected”, and it will not let me save anything to it.

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