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It includes for both the JSR 168 and JSR 286, the API, XSD and TLDs.

It is planning to support editors for the portlet descriptors and wizards to generate new project and portlets.

You need to execute the above command the very first time you add a new dependency to your POM and do an mvn compile or install.

In addition to the most voted answer, you can still be left with a broken project, no 'Maven Dependencies' (Kepler) and no classpath resolution.

In my case my local maven repository got deleted when a third party sdk updated itself, after a restart eclipse seemed to clear out the reference to that file.

The contents of the .classpath file can be changed by modifying the project Java Build Path parameters.

I use maven eclipse:eclipse to generate the classpath, but ...

it NEVER adds the classpath on the eclipse project.

By default the mvn installs are not imported into eclipse automatically. m2eclipse does not need the eclipse:eclipse goal run at all.I have a maven project, that I'm working on Eclipse.I add a configuration section that specifies that the "org.launching. USER_LIBRARY/TOMCAT_6.0.14_LIBRARY" classpath containers will be added to the classpath when eclipse:eclipse is executed.The JRE_CONTAINER is specified since it is there already.In another tutorial, I showed how we can create a Tomcat SW User Library in Eclipse SW. The TOMCAT_6.0.14_LIBRARY that I created is shown below.

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