Updating drop down list in excel

The tutorial demonstrates 4 quick ways to create an Excel data validation list (drop-down list) - based on a list of values, range of cells, named range and a dynamic dropdown.It also shows how to create a dropdown from another workbook, edit and delete data validation lists.(But remember that one could still paste any other value in there, and Excel will not alert you if it does not appear on the Source List) Please play around with the attached sample Workbook.If you add Data from the Drop Down boxes that shows an error, to the Source List, the error will disappear. Thank you Winon, i don't know if i use this solution cause of restrictions in my project but it is definitely that i'm looking for. If you insert a Form Control Combo Box (Found on the Developer tab) instead of a Drop down list via Data Validation, any changes you make to the source list are automatically reflected in the Combo Box selection.For more information about how to protect a worksheet, see Lock cells to protect them.If you decide you want to change the options in your drop-down list, see Add or remove items from a drop-down list.Excel drop-down list, aka drop down box or combo box, is used to enter data in a spreadsheet from a pre-defined items list.The main purpose of using drop down lists in Excel is to limit the number of choices available for the user.

If the list is not large, you can easily refer to it and type the entries directly into the data validation tool.

I changed New Variable to "DEF", it updates the list with "ABC" instead of "DEF").

Find("*", Search Order:=xl By Rows, Search Direction:=xl Previous). I first put "ABC" as New Variable, it doesn't get updated. Row 'finds the last row for the project in VList 'f*ed up but works Unlisted = True 'assumes it's unlisted For x = Header Row 1 To Last Row If List Elmnt = CStr(ws. Value2) Then Unlisted = False 'unless proven otherwise Next If Unlisted Then ws.

To delete a drop-down list, see Remove a drop-down list.

You can download an example workbook with multiple data validation examples like the one in this article.

You can follow along, or create your own data validation scenarios. Data entry is quicker and more accurate when you restrict values in a cell to choices from a drop-down list.

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