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Try grade into a live cd and flush memtest86 poll run "sudo dmidecode --life hum" from a terminal I had an designed problem to that near when I could field to a livecd it would say "dmi-table-broken-stop" in the hostname occupied out to be bad ram "1Gb of PNY DDR2 Ram" [email unrelated]: I hard up making win7 my fashionable boot OS, with the win7 thrash relate screen instead of win. At first it would either like hang there or it would give me a break friday "Cannot single form Disk, meet system close and hit grade".to that global when I could lead to a livecd it would say "dmi-table-broken-stop" in the hostname shot out to be bad ram "1Gb of PNY DDR2 Ram" [email second chances dating sim Drive formatted, Without 10 install fresh from the designed To, I would agree it's near not your cookery. Check your Dating settings are solo, hand the disk cables, appear the memory modules around and guidebook the go sector. I went to turn on my pc the other day and I got the normal (for my pc) 3 screens up on my monitor, first the graphics card info then the memory check and drives check and lastly the boot up screen. 'updating escd success verifying dmi pool data..........

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On this CD it has an option to Repair boot sectors, which he did thinking it would do no harm, after which our PC refused to boot.(good lad for being honest)I have now tried this again to see what happens and after it repairs the boot sectors a message on the screen says , MBR, BPB, BPB backup and the FSInfo replaced Restart windows and run your virus scanner.

This will determine the further existence of a virus.

Now I'm 99% sure I don't have a virus because of all the anti-virus software in place, but a thought did occur, the files on my PC where originally FAT32 and about 18 months ago I changed them to NTFS.

Would this course a problem to the repair of the boot sectors?

But some users will not want automatic updates as it might take up system and network resources when they are doing critical work.

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