Updating gameguard


In the Control Panel, just go to System and click Security.

Stick to the order of the areas you have to be going: Advanced system settings, Advanced tab and Settings.

It always appear randomly, and always appear after the log in screen. Tried to find the solution, and most of them wrote about internal problem or hardware stuff, but I don't know which is the right one. Seems Windows 8 Enterprise is just not fit for Elsword.

Even if my laptop is written Intel Core i3 with NVIDIA GEFORCE. I curse this traditional event of my country and something after that, that forced me to do this. I tried to download Elsword from scratch, and properly install it. But now, I encounter another problem, which is ''ATEMPTED_EXECUTE_OF_NOEXECUTE_MEMORY''.

If you’d like to learn technical skills but do not want to spend some bucks, then performing the trouble shooting procedure by yourself will definitely be advantageous.

The following are the most common pc errors and some tips to get them resolved.

Troubleshooting this error is more than just restarting your computer or pressing the ESC control.

In most cases, loading updated chipset drivers, updating video card drivers, and installing available Windows updates will resolve these issues.

If you are adding a new video card to your system, sometimes it is necessary to upgrade the power supply for your computer as well.

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The JP version had an update a while back that helped with W10 compatibility, however, I'm not sure if Asiasoft applied a similar update.

It may be better to just ask on the forums there, just to be sure.

The quickest move to make to get the computer to its normal state is re-install the os.

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