Updating ipod shuffle


This particular model of i Pod Shuffle was a second generation (pictured above).

However, this simple fix may work on other models of i Pod Shuffle also, as well as Nano and Classic i Pods.

The fact that Apple decided to begin concealing how much revenue is brought in from i Pods is a sign that it is probably dwindling.

It was simply operating correctly one day, and the next day, it refused to power on.A few years back, the company moved the devices into its “other products” category, which contains miscellaneous items that don’t make enough money to be separated.Currently, that category is performing well—for Q2 2017, that part of the business earned —with items like the Apple Watch, Air Pods, and Beats-branded products continuing to drive growth, though no mention is made of i Pods when that vertical is discussed.At the time, that was a hefty price tag, but it was worth it for the first major MP3 player, but these days, even half that figure seems to be a lot to spend for something that is essentially a phone without the phone functionality.For a long time, whenever Apple reported its quarterly earnings, i Pods had their own dedicated line, and it was easy to see just how well they were selling.Apple made billions off of the revolutionary product and the iterations that followed, and that’s to say nothing of i Tunes, which was launched to support the MP3 player.

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