Updating my old laptop


- Do test it again after the reboot and see if it work or not.If all these will not work I would suggest running System Restore.- After the reboot do test it again and see if it will work or not. - Open Device Manager again then uninstall the HID touchscreen driver.- Reboot the laptop once uninstalled and it should automatically install the driver after the reboot.The problem starts when the cooling module collects too much dust inside.The dust kills normal airflow inside the cooling module.

Any laptop has a cooling module which includes two parts: the heat sink and cooling fan.There are hundreds of different pre-defined port numbers for all common services.Some common examples:* http is port 80 and https is 443 * Sending mail (SMTP) is typically port 25 and receiving mail (POP3) is port 110 * ftp, or file transfer protocol, uses both ports 21 and 22.In order to remove it you’ll have to disassemble the whole laptop but it’s only for experienced users. It’s actually somewhat frustrating, since the answers are actually simple, just not obvious. A port, in networking, is a number that defines what application an internet connection is attempting to connect to. For example, by definition, a mail server will “listen” for incoming connections on port 25.Not all port numbers exist on all servers, because not all servers provide all possible services; that would be analogous to an apartment number that doesn’t exist at a particular address.•Port, when used in reference to hardware, is a physical connection to a machine.

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