Updating pirated xp sp2


It offers advanced customization options: number of times per page, thumbnails to be added or not, offset, menu item animations, add your own buttons, sounds, etc…Convert Xto DVD - Released February 20th 2017==============================================- 0012633: [Bug] Audio normalization - Disable remux when normalization is requested (felicia) - resolved.- 0012593: [Bug] When both add chapters every X mins and use original chapter points are selected, both are added to video (felicia) - resolved.- 0010952: [Information] navigate using arrows in global settings does not update display in left panel (felicia) - resolved.- 0010949: [Bug] during chapter menu rendering always displays "0 fps" but conversion completes (cedric) - resolved.

Convert Xto DVD - 0012627: [Bug] Audio normalization - Process may not start in some computers (felicia) - resolved.- 0012542: [Bug] show log file if important warning like in case when no more than 99 titlesets can be added (felicia) - resolved.

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Convert Xto DVD - Released April 20th 2017==============================================- 0012900: [Bug] Improve interface theme color customization form (felicia) - resolved.- 0012895: [Bug] HTML display issue with some visual themes (felicia) - resolved.- 0012890: [Bug] hint for smart copy is not correct (felicia) - resolved.- 0012891: [Bug] project name/disk label in default settings is ignored (felicia) - resolved.- 0012881: [Bug] still cannot edit Project name (felicia) - resolved.- 0012946: [Feature Request] Use same display in menu settings drop down as in settings treeview (felicia) - resolved.- 0012939: [Bug] Text fit preventing conversion start (felicia) - resolved.- 0012920: [Bug] some ass subtitles when converted to DVD output are black (felicia) - resolved.- 0012924: [Bug] DVD source not properly read - crashes if asked to seek to 0 (felicia) - resolved.- 0011348: [Bug] Change the Title menu and save project with a different name - menu title is overwritten by Project file name (felicia) - resolved.

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