Updating sources list


Once a source becomes chargeable after the required flow has been completed, it must be used to make a charge request for the payment to be completed.

If not, the source is canceled and the customer’s authenticated payment is refunded automatically—no money is moved into your account.

Certain payment methods allow for the creation of sources that can be reused for additional payments without your customer needing to complete the payment process again.

Sources that can be reused have their and a source must be created each time a customer makes a payment.

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When accepting any payment method that is asynchronous, your integration must be able to receive webhooks so it can receive this notification and confirm whether the customer’s payment was successful or if it has failed.They can be charged directly or attached to customers for later reuse.Each payment method supported by the Sources API is defined by four key characteristics.Then follow the instructions at How to install from a ZIP file.There are several ways to update add-ons, depending on your settings in Settings→System settings→Add-ons.Reusable sources must be attached to a Customer in order to be reused (they will get consumed as well if otherwise charged directly).

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