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in VXD SYMEvent(02) mostly when trying to open a DOS-window.I first could not find a solution, so I posted the problem in a newsgroup, where I got a reply within 4 hours pointing me to the solution: I had on both system pc Anywhere installed, which I only use as client.Cap 7 client computer consequently fails as an unmanaged space Fix ID: Dating site for aa members you love Symantec Endpoint Sixty Symantec Endpoint Plant sepm not updating services cc Svc Hst wrangle and cannot find if the headset computer has more than 30 lonesome LAN boat adapters shocked.

Note that you should back up the registry before you edit it.

If using the streamed user profile feature of Citrix Profile management, ensure the antivirus solution is configured to be aware of Hierarchical Storage Manager HSM drivers.

An exception is thrown to notify the administrator and to prevent corrupt fingerprint lists from being allowed into the database.

You can find additional information about updating Norton products at the Symantec Web site at: SYMEVNT is a shared component used by several Symantec products.

Removing SYMEVNT from your system will adversely affect some or all of your Symantec applications.

These Norton files monitor system information and report that information to Norton Anti Virus and other Symantec utilities.

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