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Users desiring to utilize the SUBMIT command for batch uploads or to send a file to the DAPS are cautioned to have equivalent if not the same communications software configured precisely as defined in Appendix E.The SUBMIT command will not work unless the communication formats established between each computer are equivalent.NOTE: If the DCP record is identified as INCOMPLETE than a type "N" or PDT RECORD IS INCOMPLETE message will accompany each message received by the platform.To access the DAPS each user is required to have a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) and a User Data Table (UDT) record.If you need to access the system during this time you should set your modems time out delay to at least 70 seconds.During the connect process the DAPS modems automatically establish the circuit's data rate as either 300 bps, 1200 bps or 2400 bps and determine if the Microcom Networking Protocol (MNP) error checking should be enabled.Users are cautioned not to make their UNLs unnecessarily long - no greater than 100 DCP addresses per UNL is suggested.The reason for this is that the DAPS is presently configured to allow up to 2000 messages to be disseminated per DOWNLOAD command.

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Also from to hours Eastern time line usage on the system is generally the highest.To signon to the DAPS users must enter a valid Username and Password combination.Upon signon the DAPS opens the respective users' UDT record, notifies the user as to mail in the system, displays any system status bulletins issued since the last user signon, and provides the "" prompt for user entry. Should a user's operating requirements or representatives change, each user is expected to maintain or update their UDT field entries.YSTEM (DAPS) December 1, 1989 Prepared By: INTEGRAL SYSTEMS, INC. Defining the DAPS async dial-in communications circuit requirements and the specific DAPS USER commands available with examples for each. DAPS User Requirements For many existing GOES DCS users the DAPS represents an evolutionary change from the old DCS/DPS.5000 Philadelphia Way, Suite A Lanham, MD 20706 In Response To: 50-DDNE-7-00037 1. Organization This document defines the USER interface requirements and capabilities of the GOES anual (UIM) is organized as follows: a. Providing a brief review of the GOES DCS and an overview of the DAPS. The DAPS enables all users to retrieve DCP message (MSG) file data, to define and maintain up to five (5) DCP message retrieval or User Network Lists (UNL), and to send and/or receive mail messages to/from the DAPS Operator or Manager.To accomplish this takes from 15 to 20 seconds after the CONNECT is made.

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