Updating the map in a dnx 5120


My next step is to get on tne Nuforlife scheme, we'll see how that goes.

I realize that this may not be the right forum for this, but I like this forum and theres a lot of people who do a lot of good work here.

the device ID you must enter for any SD card is the one you will find in the software info on the kenwood. I think it would be cool to her an Aussie chick giving turn by turn directions. I was thinking about giving it a shot by buying the nu Maps Lifetime and trying to put it on an SD card.

In the simplest of terms, upload the city navigator cd to your computer. The device is actually an sd card, thru a reader or whatever you have. I've noticed that the nu Maps compatibility list has increased (it used to be just later Nuvis and a Zumo or two and now includes the GPSMap 60CSx and Street Pilot 2820).

Well I spoke to Garmin this morning, after waiting for 1/2 hour, only to be told that the only way is to use the special kenwood SD card (4 to 6 weeks delivery).

Someone spoke about Garmin making it dificult to upgrade, well for the Kenwood they've made it nearly impossible!

Out the box it doesn't install because it wants the Garmin device USB connected. But I'm resourceful, I managed to get the MAPSOURCE and MAPINSTALL programs installed, but now of course I need to get the UNLOCK code from Garmin so I can use the maps.

For the DNX7100, to get the Unlock code you need the device serial no, the Product key and something called a "validation code" which is a 4 digit code.

Loading voices, either by the IE plugin or by just copying the voices over to the voices directory did not work.

-- Edit -- After getting home I poked around and remembered that I had to install my CNNT2009 straight to the device (the Garmin site was looking for one if it's deviced before even allowing the download) so maybe they've locked us out from doing this. If it doesn't work then I'll just use it on the 60CSx.

I'd bet that if you have a wireless connection and a USB cable hooked up to the back that you could make the nu Maps happen with the laptop.

I have a Kenwood DNX7100 and I need to update the MAPS to the latest version.

The Garmin Website only lists the SD card as an option, but this is pricey!

I'd really like to be able to use the Citynavigator CD.

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