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They still appeared bright as ever after the painting.We tried covering them over by hanging a picture over them, but the picture kept falling down or moving.It is said she was a sister there who died in a car accident.Current sisters there have reported hearing giggling and running around coming from the upstairs floor while they are in the basement.

Some have said she has been spotted walking the cemetery very restless as if she doesn't realize she has passed on. west towards Sand Creek, you will come to a gravel road leading north.

Cold spots now can be felt & knocking at the door is still present to this day in the home.

Also when there swings in the yard you could see them swing real high as if someone was swinging on them.

If you stay there to long, they will call the police.

However if you make your visit short enough they will usually leave you to it.

Sure enough, she went to a field near their property where she met her lover.

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