Victoria legrand alex scally dating

“It does appear to have found its way into a lot of people’s lives in this particular, personal way.

It wasn’t perfect, because nothing about art and commerce is, but it was a good time for bands like Beach House.“I’m so glad that Beach House happened before the internet had taken over everything completely,” Scally says.“It’s playful,” is how Victoria Legrand, the Baltimore duo’s singer, lyricist and keyboardist, puts it. Or one person playing a game in their own mind, and the other person has no idea.”, have made them one of the most beloved indie acts of their generation.But this one stands alone as a moment of discovery. Baltimore duo Beach House have returned with their sophomore full length entitled Devotion.Their new album is a surefire antidote to the winter blues.I like to think that fate brings to us the people and the things we are destined to find.

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