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Make sure you delete your pictures I payed for one month of gold and the site took the £20 from my account, sent me an email saying that my order was declined even thought they already took my money, and it appears that they put my account "on hold" (i tried to log in from a different browser and using a VPN and it appears that they deleted my account) as well so now I can't remove my credit card info and I can't turn off auto renewal. Some examples of fake profiles are : "laurencan4u", "ilikeballs", "11blacknthick" and "priest926".

DO NOT pay for this site, ever, even if you are tempted to, because this $#*! Now I will transfer all my money to my paypal and try to open a new bank account just because these $#*! The first three were all clearly written by the same person. Perhaps this was done to score fan points, or otherwise generate money for the website itself.

As the current President would call it : FAKE MEDIA. For whatever reason that maybe, you never know what happened in their past - I try to be kind to them.

With that being said, it is possible to get sex, as a single guy on this website (Yes - For the woman to definitely enjoy it, too).

Lastly, I've put the overall rating of the website in the middle, because of the high number of fakes and frauds active on here, as well. After that, I just mainly cruised profiles and had some wonderful conversations with all types of women across the country.

Let me conclude with this - Unlike some other endorsed, or fake reviews placed on here - these are all legit, outside, observations. When you reply to a profile just be respectful and don't start out with vulgar sex talk.

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When I tried posting pics of me dressed AFF removed the pics citing "Gender Mismatch." I was told I can only post pics of me as a man. Second Issue: There are always technical issues with the site. Language challenges and no room for common sense decision making. I do want to suggest something I wish I could spread like the plague (IF YOU OWNERS OF SITES LIKE THIS WANT TO HAVE AN OUNCE OF REPUTATION: YOU ARE CHARGING PEOE MORE THAN A MFING NETFLIX FEE A MONTH! ALSO I THINK IM ONTO SOMETHING WITH THIS: IF A WOMAN OR MAN RECEIVES AND READS A MESSAGE FROM AN INTERESTED PERSON AND THEY AREN' T FEELING THE SAME, OK OF COURSE. The female to male ratio on here is distorted, for sure. Believe it or not, there are several women on AFF looking for a relationship. Within the first day, I had two opportunities in my area to have casual sex.There are also plenty of couples on AFF, with mostly the wife looking for an extra man or hunk. First, you must be willing to write a decent profile which is grammatically correct. Trust me I've talked to enough women to know that's not a great opener. After careful thought, I decided that's not what I was looking for and politely backed out.Almost every ad with just one photo is totally fake just to make you think they have many members. Make my profile, use some of my best pics (I'm 36 and average shape; not a gremlin but no male model type things besides my eyes apparently which probably saved me some potential sexual frustration ha.) I was in those first couple days becoming close to being impressed. They usually sadly end up twice that size on meeting. Not the least of which now suddenly the site (at least on mobile) suddenly behaves like a 1999 web designer watched a 30 min video on web design on futuristic magical phones... I won't even get into the deceptive billing practices. I knew not to expect floods of females trying to pile on me.. I kept noticing Asian women "viewing" saying they were actually IN that part of the world. But for now this and Casualdating4u are stil one of the best options. Be careful though cuz I've spotted some fake profiles They are now inundated with escorts and massage whores since Backpage and Craigslist went down. They have a few "real"ones in each area, but infested with std's.

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