Vintage tupperware dating

Apparently Tupperware has been around since 1946, so we’re talking about the full tastebud timeline — from lard burgers, creamed corn casseroles, and Jello salads to hemp brownies, parsley soup, and tofu cookies to pizza pockets, Hungry Man leftovers, and astronaut ice-cream pellets.

Really, really old Tupperware has been there, sealed that, and lived to tell the tale.

Found in dusty kitchen cupboards and dishwasher top-shelves across this wide, great land, really, really old Tupperware is as handy today as it was twenty, thirty, forty years ago.

That famous Tupperware “burping seal” still holds strong, and you can bet your boombox that banana bread will stay moist, those chopped celery sticks crisp, that leftover lasagna slice fresh.

Well represented are products from the late 40's to the mid 60's.

Really, really old Tupperware is mostly found in three colors: Stovetop Green, Pylon Orange, or The Core Of The Sun Yellow (pictured).Please enjoy and feel free to email me with your questions and comments.Roughly every 2 seconds there’s a Tupperware party happening somewhere around the world.However, unbeknownst to many, Tupperware, initially, was a huge flop.Created by Earl Tupper in 1942 (Welcome Ware) before adding lids and its famous, patented seal later in 1946, he actually got his start, several years earlier, experimenting with polyethylene injection-molding while working for a company that crafted plastic pieces for WWII radars.Optional features include novelty 1950s floral patterns or deep tomato stains, from that time someone put leftover chili in there and shoved it in the back of the freezer for two years.

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