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We've picked out the best ways to stay connected with everyone you need to on Black Berry 10.Trapeez is a Tumblr client made by the same fine folks that made the Blaq client for Play Book.

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If you had asked me two weeks ago what unified communications meant to me, I would have given a very different answer than if you asked me today.His profile picture showed a stool painted with the words: ‘The Naughty Spot.’ His ideal Tinder date, he revealed straightaway, was a ‘strict auntie’ to give him a ‘guiding hand’.I was two weeks and hundreds of swipes in, and I’d still not had a single, genuine date with an honest man.Will she ever experience that thrill of eyes meeting across a crowded bar?She sat and calmly listened to his footsteps upstairs in the bedroom as he packed his bag.As I kept swiping, it became clear that the more mature men of Tinder fall into a few distinct categories.

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