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Mysterious, very strong, the mandarine/orange/patchouli with a little salty vibe and olibanum notes, Aqva Amara is the ultimate summer gem.All the girls asking what the hell is this GORGEOUS smell..The composition includes accords of Sicilian mandarin mixed with oil of neroli flower.The base notes are Indonesian patchouli and white incense olibanum.

Aqva Amara, or "bitter water", is a fragrance filled with energy and light symbolized with its copper color bottle.

Try it, have patience with this cooper Armagedon and let you enslaved by an unique, beautiful smell... It smells like a cloudy day near the ocean with wet salty stones.

Not a bad scent for a summer, but we do have better fragrances.

I deleted my initial thoughts on my blind bought bottle, they were far more positive than negative.

However, this morning I gave this a proper spray on my skin, and unfortunately after the initial citrus blast I got the raw egg odour many people have mentioned.

No ambroxan mess is in here, just beautiful citrus floral patchouli and yet it has superb longevity.

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