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Show ▼ Well, I’m not really what one would call a gamer; it’s been some time since I’ve felt much passion for either PC or console gaming, and even mobile games seem like a damn chore to keep up with.

I give them a shot every now and again – there really isn’t that much of a learning curve, the terms aren’t all that hard nor are the conditions, but usually I end up closing the program and look for a book. So with all that in mind the gaming business this show is dressed up is just that – window dressing.

I mean, it just has the whiff of the lie that runs around the world twice before the truth can lace up it’s shoes.

talking about a piece of fiction, let’s keep going in that direction.

We are our mistakes in as much as we are our victories, online and off, and that’s OK. To go along with our hapless MC it looks like we got some equally hapless heroines.

With Ako (sweetly voiced by Rina Hidaka…she’s been online before) you’ve got a character that feels she can only communicate or have a normal life behind the remove of a computer screen.

I would have been sold on the concept of kagune earlier if I was told it could be a gun or an impervious whirlwind cloak (like Ayato’s).

But all this weird cramming, skipping, and unfortunate censoring aside…the fights are fun to watch if you just ignore absolutely everything aside from the fact that other dudes are getting ripped apart.

A good harem show can be about the girls and the personality they have to convey, and from a first look that looks like the path it will be walking here….It’s weird to see kagune do things we never knew they could do like form guns, shield or other REALLY COOL STUFF only now.Especially since we’re given no real explanation about how the hell tentacles coming out of your body would be able to do something like that.I think this weird riff happens almost exactly like they portrayed it in the show with Nekohime-kun. Maybe an outright, “Hey, I’m really a guy” that was buried like so much potential signal beneath the waves of youthful foolish noise that people like Nishimura radiate every now and again? He’s just anxious and impatient, like everyone his age.Like, there was something that should have been payed attention to all along. He’s focused on this game; a trait all of the main characters in the show share.Tokyo Ghoul is a serious, dark show…or at least it tries to be.

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