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A month later, Elizabeth's class aces the test and she wins the bonus, giving her the funds needed to get her breasts enlarged.

When Elizabeth learns that Amy and Scott are chaperoning an upcoming field trip, she smears an apple with poison ivy and leaves it for Amy, who ends up with her face breaking out in blisters, so she cannot go. They dry hump and Elizabeth secretly calls Amy using Scott's phone leaving a message recording all the action, ensuring she knows about the affair.

She feels worse when Scott admits that he is interested in Amy, and that he only likes Elizabeth as a friend.

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A release from Sony studios said the project is "being developed for Cameron Diaz to star in the film but no deal is yet set with the actress". On May 23, 2013, CBS announced a TV series based on the movie to debut in the April television season, with CBS Studios and Sony Pictures Television as production partners.When the police arrive and bring their sniffer dog to search the school, they find Elizabeth's mini liquor bottles, marijuana and Oxy Contin pills in Amy's classroom, in a secret compartment in Elizabeth's desk which Elizabeth helpfully points out to the police.At the end of the school year, Amy is moved to another school in the county by the superintendent.Amy finds Elizabeth's journalist disguise and the practice test, which leads her to suspect Elizabeth cheated on the state exam.Amy informs the principal and gets Carl to testify against her.However, Elizabeth took embarrassing photos of Carl while he was drugged and, with the help of her roommate, Kirk, uses them to blackmail him to say she is innocent.

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