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She died in the flames, which possibly gave her the name "Ember." Her song "Remember" is most likely based on the above events prior to her death.

Making her debut with her famous song "Remember" in the episode "Fanning the Flames," Ember uses her hypnotic abilities to achieve pop-star status as part of her plan to dominate the world.

Ember is a hard-rocking ghost teen with disrespect towards any kind of authority figure.

She obviously has a great amount of pride in her singing abilities, as she wanted revenge on Dark Danny in "The Ultimate Enemy" for ruining her vocal cords.

She also wears a pair of what appear to be leather pants with a silver belt and skull boots.

Despite her involvement in the plot, she was not the primary villain of the episode as she was merely a mercenary hired by Youngblood.

She comes back in "Reign Storm" with numerous ghosts who fled the Ghost Zone when Pariah Dark was woken up.

She attacks regular Danny along with some of his other enemies, wanting revenge for the terrible fate his future-self gave them.

Her actions frustrated Danny to the point that he developed Ghostly Wail and she was blown away by it and knocked unconscious.

She shares her hatred of adult authority with Youngblood, and she is distressed when things don't go the way she wants ("Fanning the Flames"). In all the episodes she was featured as a villain, she has tried to hurt Danny or anyone else who defeated or annoyed her in any way.

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