Who is dating vanessa simmons

Instead, however, Hammer enters the base but is killed by a bomb set by the Blues, leaving Grif and Simmons to return to Danger Canyon and tell everyone that Hammer died a heroic death.Lieu then congratulates Simmons and Grif on their return and, by orders from Butch Flowers, sends them out to Blood Gulch on a "special mission".

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During a Red Team training exercise, Simmons becomes frightened while attempting to cross a narrow bridge. Another Red soldier named Dexter Grif then appears, after failing to show up on time, and refuses to cross the bridge as well.He's very self-conscious, as he considers suicide after Sarge demotes him, runs back to Blue base to cry after Church calls him a know-it-all, only uses his own toilet at home, and usually seeks approval from several characters in the series.It's also shown that despite having different personalities, Simmons and Grif have the same curiosity and ideas, such as the reason they were sent to Blood Gulch is pointless in Season 1 or when Grif tempted him about using the armor enhancements in Revelation.But the Florida judge just lowered the legal boom on Lopez in his ruling -- claiming the court CAUGHT HER in several lies ...proving it's impossible to believe anything that comes out of her mouth. She lied about facts important to the defense, and she demonstrated an utter disrespect for the system of justice," the judge stated.Simmons is then given cybernetic body parts by Sarge.

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