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DJ Cassidy: I had never been to Milan my whole career, and then I went three times this year.

The epitome of classic inspiration." data-reactid="107"To keep up with DJ Cassidy’s travels, follow him on Instagram @DJCassidy. I sit at the bar myself, meet the chef, and go crazy.Yahoo Travel: You are often recognized for your style - which city is your favorite to shop in?President Barack Obama and DJ Cassidy at The White House for the President’s 50th Birthday celebration (Photo: DJ Cassidy)This story is part of a new Yahoo Travel series, #Stress Free Travel, dedicated to making travel better in every way possible." data-reactid="28"The holiday travel season is upon us and with it comes the heavy luggage, seemingly endless security lines, long flights home with screaming babies, flight delays, traffic jams and creepy uncles. There are so many hacks out there to try to beat holiday stress. One of our favorites is creating the perfect holiday “chill the heck out” play list to listen to in the car, in airport lines and when you really do want to tune out weird Uncle Andy during dessert. Take a breath, close your eyes, and listen to paradise,” he says about this perfect “chill out” list.Just tell him you’re checking the score of the game. Why Does Flying Make People So Crazy" data-reactid="31"Related: Air Rage! “I’ve spent two-thirds of my life creating energy and making people dance, yet when I’m traveling, which is two-thirds of the year, I like to bring my energy down and make myself relax,” Cassidy said., and its unstoppable single “Somebody Loves You.” Betty’s success is her ability to bridge past and future music trends, mixing classic synthpop production with her uniquely modern singing and songwriting voice. The beats so far have been crafted in collaboration with producer Peter Thomas, who has previously worked with Victoria Justice and Selena Gomez.

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