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“Erin lived two doors down on the same street, Jennifer didn’t live far away,” says Hailey.

(She and her girlfriend in Los Angeles follow the “two-week rule,” going no longer than that without seeing each other.) “Kate’s the movie watcher, Mia’s the shopper, Jennifer is the one to get us out hiking in the wilderness. “I think what makes this show so special is that we are so close,” Hailey continues.

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“Alice is a lot more vulnerable—more human, with more depth, more feeling,” says Nebraska-raised Hailey, 34, the only out lesbian cast member, who was previously known more as a musician (the Murmurs) and as k.d.

As the season wound down, the three observers took on increasingly dramatic and emotional story arcs of their own, and in season 2 they take things even further.

“Their characters just demanded more screen time because they became more interesting,” says series creator Ilene Chaiken.

“Dana’s really getting down with her bad self,” said Tina (Laurel Holloman).

“Yeah, and I bet her bad self is going to feel real bad in the morning,” responded Tina’s girlfriend, Bette (Jennifer Beals).

Moira goes out on the town as her male alter-ego Max.

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