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Other turrets included a remotely operated dorsal turret of similar firepower to the EM-1919 paired repeating laser cannons installed on the ball turrets, two remote-linked cannon arrays at the rear of the vessel, two forward laser canons, and two more laser canons, one on the tip of each stabilizer foil.As a bomber, the MG-100 Starfortress was slow and ungainly, making it prone for starfighter attack.

However, Olbermann told The New Yorker that politics did not drive the pair apart.

The bombs would then be drawn magnetically to their targets.

The assembly could be programmed to drop specific sections of the payload in sequence, but the most common configuration was "deploy all." To drop the ship's payload, the bombardier on the flight deck monitored a concentrated sensor feed.

You can still see the T-like shape of the ship by looking at final bomber design from the front and top.

She’s generally listed as having dated Keith Olbermann, Dinesh D’Souza, Robert Torricelli, and James V. Here’s what you need to know: Laura Ingraham’s boyfriends have made for strange political bedfellows at times.

“Olbermann dated Ingraham briefly a decade ago,” the magazine reported in 2008. He didn’t use to be this way,” The New Yorker quoted her as saying.

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