Who is ingrid nilsen dating

You Tube star Ingrid Nilsen has found love again and she is really opening up about it!

Ingrid being in the You Tube community just makes everything easier.

As she was gaining fame, she got the opportunity to become a judge.

In late 2014, she judged the reality TV show called as the Project Runway: Threads.

You may see my girlfriend pop up in a photo or maybe on Snapchat but she’s not going to be making any appearances in my videos." "She is amazing and she totally supports and loves what I do but she’s just not comfortable with being on camera since this is not her world like being on camera so she supports me from behind the scenes and it’s just been really awesome to have the time to get to know each other and build our relationship." Aw!

This is super cute and we love the fact that she's even sharing this much with us.

She mainly uploads lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and makeup on her You Tube account.

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