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If this is starting to sound confusing or conspiratorial, that’s understandable. Although there are roughly a dozen “attack vectors” for saturating large crowds with deliberately false cellular information, not to mention an infinite number of hypothetical possibilities, let’s frame this whole thing in the form of a single Trump tweet. (By the way, the tweet directly above is actually legit) Or maybe you’re one of these internet detectives who realized the date and time stamp on the tweets didn’t correspond with the scheduled major sporting events. I beg you, for just one brief moment, to put on your thinking cap. Now if I can construct these fake Trump tweets, what’s to prevent me from saturating the internet with this shit? But instead of the physical world, it’s the cyber-world. on cellular steroids sprinkled with a wireless dash of human growth hormone pills. Using a troll farm in Karachi, Pakistan or Moscow, Russia. Bulk posting the information via a spam bot on local tv reporters’ social media pages (facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.) in the respective cities of every NFL & MLB team. After all, I’m quite certain there’s an “angelic internet goddess” that sifts through all those mean online messages. Hey, ever wonder why NOBODY is allowed to talk about it? (Artificially Generated Stampede Awareness Foundation) Now why would I do this? Legitimate evac orders for large, confined crowds (stadiums, ballparks, arenas, etc.) would NEVER be delivered via your personal cell phone. It’s almost certainly an attempt to contaminate the venues, foment panic and create human stampedes. Similar to the regarding a pesky North Korean nuclear missile targeting Hawaii. Someone is attempting to evacuate a slew of mega-crowds solely for their own personal amusement. Those concerned for your safety and general welfare. Or perhaps you think he’s a tactical genius, highly versed in emergency evacuation protocol, threat condition analysis vs. You simply cannot suddenly push dangerous material like this into the public domain without there being significant ramifications. It kinda helps to view the problem with a long-term event horizon. Just the mere presence of such alarmingly unanticipated tweets would have definitive real-world consequences. Hey, don’t let anyone tell you there’s no downside to this evolution thingy. September 9, 2018: NFL stadiums — Indianapolis, Baltimore, East Rutherford, New Orleans, Foxborough, Minneapolis, Miami, Indianapolis, Cleveland MLB ballparks — Toronto, Detroit, New York City, Cincinnati, St. C., Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Denver Indianapolis Motor Speedway OR September 16, 2018: NFL stadiums — Atlanta, Landover, Nashville, Tampa, Pittsburgh, East Rutherford, Orchard Park, Green Bay, New Orleans MLB ballparks — Boston, Baltimore, New York City, Tampa, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Houston, Kansas City, St. Regardless, there are two other remote possibilities. Those who were hoodwinked by a decentralized, pernicious prank. threat emergency analysis and the nuanced practicalities of varying venue incident command structures. Or maybe you think his twitter account could never be manipulated or compromised. From a sheer numbers perspective, I find it extremely doubtful that 100% of those targeted would be dismissive, shrug it off, or instantly decipher the entire event to be a colossal cyber-hoax. Think of it in terms of Isaac Newton’s laws of physics/motion. Well, two specific dates seem to stand out (9-9-18 & 9-16-18). Louis, Chicago Las Vegas Motor Speedway Do you see what I’m getting at? It’s merely the wireless equivalent of shouting FIRE in a crowded theater… plausible deniability, hypothetical litigation, the undiscussability precedent and natural resistance to exploring transformative subject matter, the lose-lose proposition (zero upside, enormous downside), the moral catch-22 (you acknowledge it, you own it), and of course, the generational warfare paradox (killing without weapons). Hatch was only halfway through his text when his 90 seconds were up.Council members sat in silence as Hatch read his letter. "If God didn't listen when they prayed in church, why would he listen here?"We can't bring druids in and have a ceremony sacrificing a chicken," Van Wagoner said.

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A member of Utah Atheists exercised his legal right in replacing public prayer, reading from a prepared text to open the Syracuse council meeting Tuesday.

Public safety information must be conveyed in two forms: Verbal — public address system (inside or outside). For additional information, please call 304-312-1395.

Public safety information must be conveyed at all applicable events: sports, concerts, misc.

Julian Hatch, of the Board of Utah Atheists, opened the Syracuse council meeting by reading from a two-page text.

In the 90 seconds he was afforded by city policy, Hatch said how one-fifth of Utahns are non-religious and live under the tyranny of religion.

American Atheists and Utah Atheists, though, aren't worried.

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